Hi I'm Emma...
I'm a designer, originally from New Zealand, living in Melbourne, Australia.

With many years of experience wearing many design hats (textile print / graphic / garment design), welcome to my new creative project. Emma David Studio will feature limited edition, original artwork, design and décor.

Much of my inspiration is drawn from childhood memories, my love of vintage treasures and the environment. I love to draw and paint, particularly in watercolour and this is how each piece begins, sometimes being adapted into pattern repeats and sometimes left as is. My work is about bringing something organically created and impactful to the home. When I'm painting, drawing and designing I'm at my most content and my hope is that these pieces bring happiness to those who own them.

It's important to me that in this process I do as much as I can locally. All soft furnishings and wall hangings are not only designed in Melbourne, but also made and printed here. I'll continue to make conscious changes for a better global impact wherever possible. Please visit the sustainability page for more details. 

If you'd like to get in touch regarding commissions, freelance or collaborations please touch base at my contact page.

Thank you for popping by!